Media Outlets are Valuable to Extensionís Mission

Mark Licht, Crops Field Specialist, Northwest Area

Problem Statement:

Area farmers and agricultural retailers have crop production and protection challenges and questions that require informed decisions nearly all year round. From input purchases and crop management decision made during non-growing months to timely in season issues, both farmers and retailers demand quick access to accurate, unbiased information.

Programmatic Response:

Several regional radio stations play recorded radio programs routinely with timely agronomic information from Extension. These are mostly taped shows that cover one to three main topics relevant to the challenges and opportunities of the week. The recordings give research based, unbiased information on integrated pest and crop production management that is currently being faced or may be faced in the near future.

Alternatively, print media outlets provide consistent coverage of Extension events and utilize Extension expertise consistently throughout the growing season to provide a review of the previous week and considerations for the coming weeks as related to integrated pest and crop production management.


In west central Iowa, KCIM, KDSN and KWMT AM radio stations have provided Extension an excellent outlet for timely information. KDSN and KWMT, while not routine, have afforded timely programming efforts on an as needed basis. KCIM has committed to routine agronomic programming twice every Thursday; resulting in 24 programs with an ISU Extension field agronomist and the remaining programs coming from ISU Extension field specialists in farm management or agricultural engineering or campus faculty.

Over 20 individual interviews were granted to local and regional print media sources out of Fort Dodge, Carroll, Denison, Storm Lake, Sioux City, and Ida Grove, most of which were conducted during the growing season. In addition to the targeted interviews of Extension field agronomists, there were numerous articles covering programming efforts and campus faculty.

As examples of the reach of media, KCIM radio reaches approximately 23,500 listeners in a five county area, while Farm News publication has a subscription audience of approximately 14,700 across 33 counties.


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