Crop Production Education Through Radio Media

Paul Kassel, Field Agronomist, Northwest Area

Problem Statement:

Pest problems and weather problems can develop quickly in agronomic crops.  A couple of examples are soybean aphid damage to soybean and hail damage to corn or soybeans. Radio is a good media to inform farmers and agri-business about changing conditions.  Guidelines and management options can be discussed quickly and efficiently through the radio media.

Programmatic Response: 

Four radio interviews were performed at KICD radio in Spencer IA in May of 2008. 

-       May 5 – corn planting dates, hybrid maturity, soybean planting dates.

-       May 11 – black cutworm, new seed technologies, thresholds, seed treatments.

-       May 15 – soybean seeding rate, seed treatments, land rolling equipment.

-       May 30 – evaluate soybean stands, bean leaf beetle, and replant options.

Each interview is about five minutes in length.  The interviews are broadcast on the KICD AM and the KICD FM stations.  Total airtime of the interviews in May was about 45 minutes.

Outcome Statement

Market research conducted in 2008 by Ag Media Research found that KICD radio reaches 75.9 percent of the farmers in the nine contiguous counties around Spencer.  This nine county area has 6350 farms (assume one farmer per farm).  Therefore, about 4800 farmers in this nine county area receive ISU Extension crop production information for about 45 minutes per month.

This information would indicate short term results and would measure awareness and knowledge.  Much of this information serves to remind and direct farmers to make informed crop production decisions.


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