Double Cropping Soybeans and Winter Cereal Grains for Forage

Kyle Jensen, Field Agronomist, Southwest

Problem Statement: 

Current economic situations have decreased the acreage of forages while forage needs still remains.  Producers are looking for ways to become more efficient and productive on the acres they already manage.  Many producers are asking about ways to produce more revenue off their bean acres.

Programmatic Response: 

A regional program was held in NW Missouri to meet with producers and present different options and speak with producers who have changed their management styles.  With longer growing seasons in Southern Iowa and Missouri soybeans can be raised, harvested as forage or grain followed by a cereal grain that can be fall/winter grazed and harvested the following spring as forage.  Soybean and forage management were presented and discussed.

Outcome Statement:  

The producers that attended the Forage Management program currently managed greater than 8000 acres of forages and greater than 5000 cows.  77% responded that I presented new information that they had never had before, 23% responded, the information reinforces what they already knew.  96% of attendees were likely to make business/management changes as a result of the program.


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