Corn/Soybean Initiative On-Farm Research

George Cummins, Extension Field Agronomist, NE Area

Problem Statement:

As part of a statewide initiative, a formal partnership was formed between ISU Specialists, ISU Extension field staff and 6 agri-businesses in NC/ NE Iowa. A primary goal of this effort is to work together to provide research-based information on crop production and protection to our common clientele. On-farm research has been an effective adoption/ diffusion strategy which has increased awareness of and interest in the research conducted at ISU research farms; confirmed research findings on-farm using cooperators farming systems; introduced cooperators to the various tools used to make crop production and nutrient management decisions; and demonstrated the economic advantage and potential environmental impact of various crop production and nutrient management practices. CSI partners are asked to work with ISU Extension to identify agronomic  problems and potential solutions to be compared; to identify on-farm cooperators among their clientele; to help conduct the replicated trials; and to support extension efforts which share the information with common  clientele.  .

Programmatic Response:     

ISU specialists developed a number of potential on-farm research projects which were shared with our CSI partners. In 2007, 7 on-farm trials with 4 CSI cooperators were conducted. In 2008, 15 on-farm trials with 5 CSI cooperators were conducted. Information about these projects is listed below.

Trial   CSI cooperator  ISU Contact_________

Comparison of SCN resistance in Progressive Ag Coop     Dr. Greg Tylka

4 soybean varieties     (Northwood)

5 rates of Contans for SSR mgt. 5 Star Coop (Lake Mills)        Drs. Robertson/ Yang

in soybeans

Corn W/WO foliar fungicides     Cartersville Elevator   Drs. Robertson/ Elmore

Trial   CSI cooperator  ISU Contact_________

Corn response to S fertilization in     C8MP (2X), MRRR (3X)    Dr. John Sawyer

Different soil types    Prog. Ag Coop (Grafton) (2X)

CSI partners and 3 county CEEDs (Derdzinski, Wubben and Johnson) assisted with soil sampling (SCN and S), plot layout, plant sampling (S), and hand(S) or machine harvest. CSI partners provided application equipment (Contans), a weigh wagon at harvest (SCN), and special seed prices (Contans and SCN) for on-farm cooperators. Advan LLC provided all the product for the Contans study. Funding for soil sampling (SCN and S) and plant analysis (S) was arranged by campus contacts Tylka and Sawyer.


Demonstration data was collected, summarized and shared with the cooperators, the CSI Partners and the ISU contacts. CSI Partners provided financial support for the county crop clinics held in Cerro Gordo, Chickasaw, Floyd and Worth counties which attracted 355 participants. Results were published in the ISU Project Reports, in the 2008 Hub and Spokes Summary, and in electronic crop newsletters and media pieces. Results from these studies have been included in presentations at the ICM Conference, Crop Advantage programs in Mason City and Waterloo, the Hawkeye Farm Show and other educational programs conducted by the Field Agronomists. Extension contacts with the CSI Partners and their clientele increased as a result of these efforts. Because of the difficult growing conditions in 2008, many of the on-farm trial results were inconclusive. Yet, the consensus of the CSI Partners and the on-farm cooperators is that the 2008 effort was worthwhile and that the formal working relationship is mutually beneficial.


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