Confinement Site Manure Applicator Certification

Terry L. Steinhart, Field Specialist-Swine, Southeast Area


In 1998, the Iowa Legislature passed HF 2494. This bill required certification of

commercial manure applicators and confinement site manure applicators with operations of a designated size.  Farmers need to be certified in manure handling and application as a result of this Iowa law.


This project was developed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and Iowa State University Extension (ISUE) for manure certification training and testing materials and to conduct certification workshops for commercial manure applicators and confinement site manure applicators.  Meetings for confinement site applicators is conducted by the Agriculture and Biosystems Engineers with the help of Agronomy field specialist and livestock field specialist rotating every other year.  My role was to present at 6 locations in the Central Iowa and Southeast Iowa area.


At the 6 locations about 180 producers and workers were certified.  The statewide evaluation indicated that 90% of the participants agreed that the information presented was useful for their farming operation.  Thirty nine percent of the respondents said they have a plan for mortality management and another 37% said that they plan to adopt a mortality management plan.  The farmers that have a mortality plan 38% use composting and 38% use rendering.  Forty percent of the respondents said they will change manure application rate due to change in nutrient analysis.  Forty percent also said that they would employ different feeding strategies to address odor concerns.


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