Corn Soybean Initiative Improves Exposure of ISU Extension to Farmers

Brian Lang, Extension Field Agronomist, Northeast

Problem Statement:

Far too often ISU Extension research presented by Agricultural Providers to their farmer clients is not credited to Iowa State University.  On one hand, this is not important since ISU still accomplishes public good with this information being shared.  But on the other hand, farmers do not realize the full value of ISU to Iowa agriculture, which leads to a lack of public support for proper funding of Iowa State University.

Programmatic Response:

In December 2004, ISU Extension initiated a program called the Corn and Soybean Initiative (CSI) which partners ISU Extension with Agricultural Providers on delivering science-based crop production information to growers.  One aspect of this agreement is for the Agricultural Providers to use an ISU / CSI Partner logo on ISU Extension educational materials that are shared with clients.  Farmers may continue to receive considerable information directly through their Agricultural Provider, but now they are also aware of the source of that information.


An example of how well this works is with the CSI Partner A & K Feed & Grain Company Inc. of Lime Springs Iowa.  This elevator signed the CSI agreement with ISU Extension in January 2008.  During the winter, A & K Feed & Grain Co. asked for and received current ISU Extension research on sulfur fertilization for alfalfa and corn production.  They realized the value of this research for their clients, and included it in their annual Crop Production Manual which is mailed to all of their clients by March.  As stated in the CSI agreement, A&K included the CSI logo with the research.  This not only indentified the source of this particular research to their clients, but also emphasizes the cooperative working relationship of A & K Feed & Grain with ISU Extension to better serve the needs of their clients.

May 2008

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