Email Newsletter Used for Weekly Radio Spot

Brian Lang, Extension Field Agronomist, Northeast

Problem Statement:

The limited resources available to ISU Extension Field Agronomists create a challenge to reach as many clients as possible with timely crop production information.  Weekly submissions of emailed newsletters titled Crop Notes have been found to be very helpful to clients, as reported in past Success Stories.  However, these emails only reach hundreds of clients, while there are potentially thousands of clients in northeast Iowa that could benefit from the same information.

Programmatic Response:

In order to reach more clients, this year the Crop Notes newsletter was re-formatted to improve its possible utilization by the media.  This season most of the newsletter information was written more succinctly, and much of it in a bulleted format.  It still provided the same timely crop production information for the reader, but it was now better adapted to also be readily used by radio.


Because of the new Crop Notes format, the Farm Director of KOEL radio, the largest radio station in northeast Iowa, provided weekly broadcasts of information from the newsletter all season long.  Occasionally the Farm Director used live interviews with the Extension Field Agronomist.  However with the re-formatted Crop Notes newsletter, the Farm Director found it quite easy to broadcast these Extension updates to his listeners by himself.  The information in Crop Notes was now reaching thousands of clients by radio, and just about as timely as for the clients reached by email.

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