First Crop Advantage Series in Ottumwa is a Huge Success!

Mark Carlton, Extension Field Agronomist, Southeast Area

Problem Statement:

In past years, the Crop Advantage Series have been held in Osceola and Burlington or Mt. Pleasant leaving a large gap in southeast and south central Iowa.  In many cases, farmers had to drive almost 100 miles to attend a Crop Advantage Series. 

Programmatic Response:

I proposed to the Agribusiness Education Program that an additional Crop Advantage Series be added at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa, Iowa beginning in 2008 to meet the needs of growers in surrounding counties.  The Crop Advantage committee, state specialists and field staff all agreed to participate in the plan. The first Crop Advantage Series was scheduled for January 31, 2008.  County Extension Education Directors jumped at the opportunity and promoted the event in newsletters and through local media.  Five Corn and Soybean Initiative partners supported the Crop Advantage by sponsoring select clients to attend.


Almost ninety growers and agribusiness personnel attended the event.  Thirty-five growers received their Private Pesticide Applicator certification.  Overall, comments from clients were very positive and supportive of bringing the Crop Advantage Series to their area. Several growers commented that they were going to adopt the Maximum Return to Nitrogen recommendation on their 2008 corn crop.  One grower commented that using the Maximum Return to Nitrogen recommendation on his 800 acres of corn would reduce his nitrogen cost by $16,000 over the nitrogen rates that he had been applying.  One CSI partner said that it was nice to see data from Iowa State University that showed that farmers can still apply phosphorus and potassium and get a good return on their investment.

Clients, state specialists, and county staff all agreed and commented on the quality of the presentations as well as the facilities at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa.


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