Western Bean Cutworm A New Pest for Eastern Iowa Corn

Virgil Schmitt, Field Specialist-Crops, Southeast Area

Problem Statement: 

For reasons that are not completely understood, the Western Bean Cutworm has moved eastward from its traditional area in Nebraska, Colorado, and other western states.  Scouting, identification, and management of this pest are not widely known among producers or dealers.

Programmatic Response: 

Iowa State University cooperated with the University of Illinois and several other states in conducting a three-hour distance education program on Western Bean Cutworm.  Audio was carried over standard telephone lines and the video for Iowa was carried over the Connect (formerly Breeze) system to 19 locations in Iowa, with 10 being Extension locations and 9 being private industry locations.


It was disappointing that only 11 people participated in Crops Specialist Region 10.  However, 10 were dealers or independent crop consultants and the 10 each monitor several thousand acres, representing approximately 150,000 acres.  All of the attendees rated the program as good or excellent.  On the average, attendees thought the information from the program had a value of approximately $13.75 per acre, suggesting a total value of approximately $2,062,500.

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