Sulfur Deficiency in Alfalfa a Popular Topic at the Hay Expo

Brian Lang, Extension Field Agronomist, Northeast Area

Problem Statement:

Recent ISU research has uncovered wide-spread occurrences of sulfur deficiency in alfalfa fields in northeast Iowa.  Proper identification and management of this problem should profit growers approximately $50 per acre.  The critical issue now is delivery of an effective outreach education program for growers and ag-providers to manage the problem.

Programmatic Response:

One component of the outreach program was to create an educational exhibit at the Farm Progress Hay Expo, and support the exhibit with ISU Extension staff to provide information on sulfur nutrient management of alfalfa.  The Hay Expo is the nations largest 2-day hay event which attracts thousands of growers and ag-providers.


For both days of the event, ISU Extensions staff at the Hay Expo was nearly continuously discussing alfalfa management issues.  The sulfur deficiency exhibit was the most popular display in the ISU booth visited by hundreds of Expo attendees.  Many growers asked detail questions about nutrient management, and many others complimented ISU on the research and how it has greatly improved their alfalfa production.  Outreach education will continue on this topic through other meetings, media, and web-based information sources, but the Hay Expo was a very successful event in disseminating information about sulfur nutrient management in alfalfa.

June 22, 2007
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