Radio Interviews with KICD Radio Station Reach the Farming Public

Paul Kassel, Extension Field Agronomist, Northwest

Problem Statement: 

Farmers experience various crop production problems throughout the growing season.  They seek unbiased crop production information that will help them make informed decisions.   Radio interviews provide the opportunity for the extension specialist to be very timely on the delivery of information on current topics.

Programmatic Response: 

I made four radio interviews with KICD radio of Spencer IA during the month of July (as an example of one month of radio interviews).  The topics and dates were:

Each interview averaged five minutes in length and was broadcast once.  Also, three 30 second clips were taken from each interview for a news story.  Each story was broadcast on KICD AM and KICD FM stations.  Therefore the interviews conducted in July produced a total of 52 minutes of interview information.


The farm department staff at KICD radio has information that indicates that their broadcasts are used by 77% of the farmers in a 60-mile radius of Spencer.  There is an eight county area that is served by that 60 mile radius.  This includes 6410 operating farms in Clay county and the eight contiguous counties around Clay county. 

Therefore, about 4900 farm operators listen to this information on a weekly basis from KICD.  Examples of unsolicited impact information include, timely information, reminded me of thresholds on soybean aphids, and confirmed information on corn fungicide use.

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