Crop Advantage Series Meeting Has Economic Impact

Paul Kassel, Field Specialist-Crops, Northwest Area

Problem Statement: 

Area farmers need information that is current and relevant.  The Crop Advantage series meetings have provided a conduit for research based information on crop production to be delivered to area farmers and agri-business. 

Programmatic Response: 

A Crop Advantage Series meeting (CAS) was scheduled for Spirit Lake in 2007.  Current topics in agronomy, pest management and farm management were included. Meeting attendance was 155.  Previous attendance figures were 162 in 2006, 170 in 2005 and 154 in 2004.  A post meeting evaluation was collected from 108 persons.  Seventy six of the 108 had attended a CAS in a previous year.


Those 76 persons also indicated that their farm operation had an economic impact as a result of the education they received at a previous CAS meeting.  The total impact indicated from these previous attendees as $1,256,476.00.  The total acres impacted were 125,207, or $10.03 per acre.  The impact per acre in previous years was $10.32 in 2006, $35.67 in 2005, and $13.97 in 2004.  This CAS also is reaching some sizable producers as 26 persons indicated a farming operation of over 1500 acres.   Seven indicated their farming operation was over 3,000 acres.  This meeting is also reaching a younger audience as 30% of the 108 persons returning evaluations were 45 years of age or younger.

One attendee summed it up well when they stated, In this era of mega mergers and large corporate operations, we need you (ISU Extension) to update us on the current topics and share an unbiased analysis of currents issues and problems.

February 15, 2007
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