Renewing or Extending CRP Contracts

Steve Johnson, Field Specialist-Farm Management; Mark Licht, Mike White, Mark Carlton, Field Specialists-Crops; and Joe Sellers, Field Specialist-Beef (Central, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest Areas)

Problem Statement:

More than one million Iowa acres are including in the general CRP contracts with the federal government that will expire between September 2006 and September 2010.  Contract holders were notified earlier in 2006 by their local USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) Offices that required notification of interest in the renewal or extension of these contracts.  Although the actual contracts might not be expiring for several years, a decision to renew or extend was required by April 28th, 2006 for contracts expiring in 2006 and 2007; and June 30th, 2006 for contracts expiring in 2008 through 2010.


Programmatic Response:

In February 2006, ISU Extension worked with USDA FSA and County Conservation Boards in Ringgold, Taylor and Wayne counties to provide public meetings regarding CRP contracts expiring.  A web site regarding CRP contracts was created by the ISU Agronomy Department.  In June 2006, a webcast utilizing Breeze titled CRP Contract Considerations was recorded and posted to the ISU Agronomy CRP and ISU Polk County Extension websites.  A 2-hour public meeting was hosted by Farm Bureau in West Des Moines on June 15th.  Partners included ISU Extension, The Iowa Learning Farm and the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation.  This session included a general overview of CRP Contracts and Soil Productivity, followed by small group breakout sessions that focused on Conversion of CRP Acres or Mid-Contract Management for existing CRP Contracts.  Additional ISU Extension sponsored activities involving CRP demonstration sites and field days were conducted in August and September 2006.  This included a Wapello County farm where a demonstration of various mid-contract management practices and reestablishment of various grass and forbs were featured.


The USDA Farm Service Agency announced in February 2007 that 395,006 CRP acres, more than 79% of Iowas expiring general contract acres for 2006 and 2007 were reenrolled or extended.  In the summer of 2006, CRP participants with contracts expiring in 2008 through 2010 were asked to express their interest in re-enrolling or extending their contracts.  To date nationwide, contract holders have paid the compliance fee covering 83% of 12 million acres that are due to expire, including over 500,000 acres in Iowa.

March 30, 2007
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