An Unseen Audience: Communicating Corn Production Information Via the Web

Roger Elmore, Faculty and Lori Abendroth, P&S, Agronomy Department


Iowa State Universitys award-winning Maize Page was one of the first web pages dedicated to corns history and management.  Due to changes in job assignments and priorities it was not updated for some time.  Although some of the information was quite dated, the web page was still accessible on the web in 2006. A corn management information vacuum existed in Iowa.


To provide Iowas agronomists, producers, and agribusiness people with current, relevant information on corn production and management. 


Launched in November 2006, the ISU corn page has quickly become a valuable resource for Iowans as well as for people across the Midwest and around the world.  Upon launching of the web page, the Maize Page was discontinued.  We continue to maintain and update the page with news articles and more in-depth articles on specific aspects of corn management.  Viable links to other related pages are included.  Email notifications of new or updated material on the site are sent to those who register for this service.  An email address is provided to channel questions from people browsing our site.  We receive and respond to several emails per week from this source.

Iowa State University colleagues with a login and password use a protected intranet as a vehicle to transmit more sensitive information internally within the ISU system.   This is also used to post on-going research projects and results.  The website will be presented in a poster session at the 2007 American Society of Agronomy Annual Meetings.


Since 1 January 2007:

This comment came from an instructor at a community college. I viewed your new website "Corn Econ and Stats" after receiving an email to announce it was up and running.  The email said to send comments. I like it.  It has several great links.

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