Potential Program Evaluation Questions1

1.      What skills did you learn today in this program that you can use?

2.      How will you apply the skills you learned in this program?

3.      What changes will you make in your operation/situation based on today’s program?

4.      How do today’s program goals meet your needs?

5.      In what way was this program useful to you?

6.      How will this program help you set production goals?

7.      What goals have you set based on today’s program?

8.      What changes did you make in your operation/situation as a result of programs you attended in the past year?

9.      Why did you participate in this program/workshop?

10.  What are you doing today in your operation that you did not do prior to this educational program? (Specify the program/context).

11.  What result do I expect from using information gained from this workshop/program?

12.  What problems will be addressed by you being involved in this program?

13.  What practices you currently use will be discontinued as a result of this program?

14.  What new practice (s) will you implement as a result of this program?

15.  In what way has decision-making been made easier by participation in this program?

16.  What is the “best” thing that can happen if you use the information from this program?

17.  What immediate steps/actions will you take as a result of this program?

18.  What specific assistance would be helpful to you in implementing the new practices presented in this workshop/program?

19.  What will it take for you to implement the new practices/information provided in this program/workshop?

20.  What result(s)/impact(s) do you expect from participation in this program?

21.  What was the result/impact of your participation?


1Prepared by  Robert A. Martin, Department of Agricultural Education and Studies.   Evaluation questions that specify impact. 10/20/03