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Opportunities to Engage and Be Involved in Local Watershed Projects (9/25/15)

State of the Farm: Iowa Trends During the 2000s (8/28/15)

Six Incredible Ways to Spread Disease (6/26/15)

Extension Resources for Agricultural and Community Economic Development (5/29/15)

Sustainable Vegetable Production in Iowa (4/24/15)

Computer Security Update (3/27/15)

Promoting ANR Programs through Marketing and Communications Resources (2/27/15)

Responding to Signs of Stress in Clients & Colleagues (1/30/15)

Being Well in Stressful Times (12/19/14)

Preparing for Farm Financial Stress (11/21/14)

SAM (System for Award Management) (11/18/14)

The Farm Bill: What it Means for Iowa Farmers (10/31/14)

Why Local? Why Now? and Alternative Funding for Local Foods Systems Development (9/26/14)

Water Quality Program Update (8/22/14)

Ag Decision Maker (7/25/14)

ANR’s New Resource for Small Farms (7/16/14)

What to Plant After EAB (6/27/14)

2012 Census of Agriculture (5/23/14)

Value Added Agriculture: Supporting Economic Development in Rural Iowa (4/25/14)

ISU Farm Energy: Resources for Energy Efficiency (2/28/14)

ANR Annual Performance Review, 2014 (2/14/14)

ISUEO & ANR Needs Assessment Report (1/24/13)

WINDBREAKS in Iowa (12/13/13)

Crop Market Outlook and the Farm Bill (11/22/13)

Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy – An Overview (10/25/13)

Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy – Questions (10/25/13)

Emerald Ash Borer in Iowa: Its Presence, Our Response (9/27/13)

GMOs: Research & Technology – A Plant Breeders Perspective (8/30/13)

The Science of GMO: What consumers should know (8/23/13)

The Raw Milk Issue in Iowa (7/26/13)

Water Quality and Iowa Learning Farm (6/28/13)
Note: there is an audio problem at the beginning but it gets corrected within a minute or two.

Controversial Topics in Agriculture: Best Practices for Extension Educators and PEDV- Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (5/24/13)

Beef Cattle Outlook for Initiating Herd Expansion (4/26/13)

Overview of Diversity (04/05/13)

What Will Happen to Land Values with $4.50 Corn and Will We Get There? (2/22/13)

Adapting to Climate Change in Iowa: Past and Future (1/18/13)

Dedicated Biomass Crops for Iowa (11/2/12)

Livestock Response to Drought (10/12/12)

Horticulture Research Across the State (8/10/12)

ANR Program Catalog (7/13/12)

ANR Drought (7/13/12)

Animal Health Alert Network (6/1/12)

Home Demonstration Gardens (5/4/12)

FSQA – Food Safety & Quality Assurance (4/6/12)

Homegrown Lifestyle Program (3/9/12)

Pesticide Applicator Training (2/3/12)

Manure Applicator Certification (1/6/12)

Crop Growers Face Big Challenges in Dec–Jan (12/9/11)

Halloween Without Bats! Who Needs Them Anyway? (10/28/11)

ANR Programming Discussion (9/9/11)

Writing a Good Success Story (7/8/11)

Annie’s Project: Examples, Expectations and Opportunities (6/10/11)

Iowa Microloan Program (4/8/11)

Ethical Issues for Agriculture in the 21st Century (3/11/11)

Iowa MarketMaker (2/11/11)

Iowa Local Farm and Food Plan (1/26/11)

Cooperatives on eXtension (01/14/2011)

ANR Program Evaluation and Reporting (12/10/2010)

Economic Impact of Swine Operations (11/12/10)

ANR Update/Food/Regional Food Systems (10/15/10)

Iowa Master Gardener Program (9/10/10)

Leopold Center RFP (7/9/10)

ANR Staffing Opportunities (6/19/09)

Emerald Ash Borer (6/12/09)

Small Farm Opportunities for Iowa (5/15/09)

2007 Census of Agriculture and Trends for Iowa (4/17/09)

Financial Impacts of Changing Trade Practices and Input Price Volatility on Farmers and Suppliers (3/27/09)

Nature Mapping Program (3/6/09)

Climate Change and Iowa: Understanding and Adapting  (2/13/09)

Managing Through a Recession: Options for Farmers and Ag Lenders (1/9/09)

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