Drought Information

This site will be updated as more material is made available.
Resources from Iowa State
Crops (corn, soybean and forages):
-- 2005 Drought Information (pdf)
-- Forage Testing Laboratories (pdf)
-- Forage Sampling and Sampling Equipment (pdf)
-- Pasture Management Guide for Livestock Producers
-- Drier Conditions May Slow Corn Growth
-- Dry Summer Corn Forage Harvest Options and Management Strategies
-- Corn and Soybean Quality Affected by Late Season Drought
-- Late Summer Forage Options and Management Strategies in Drought or Dry Summer
-- That Soybean Pest "Mite" Not Be An Aphid
-- Horticulture & Home Pest News: Watering Guide for home gardeners
-- Horticulture & Home Pest News: Watering Home Lawns
-- Is Your Landscape Water-Efficient? (pdf)
-- Watering Landscape Plants (pdf)
-- Watering Newly-planted Trees (pdf)
Livestock Management:
-- Iowa Beef Center - Drought Management Resource
-- Nitrate Toxicity (pdf)
-- Agricultural& Biosystems Engineering: Heat Stress
-- Disaster Recovery: Livestock -- Determining moisture of immature corn silage (pdf)
-- Disaster Recovery: Livestock -- Making quality silage (pdf)
-- Disaster Recovery: Livestock -- Soybeans for forage (pdf)
-- Disaster Recovery: Livestock -- Harvesting immature corn as silage (pdf)
-- Disaster Recovery: Livestock -- Consider cornstalks as feed (pdf)
-- Disaster Recovery: Livestock -- Cow management strategies to stretch winter hay supplies (pdf)
-- Disaster Recovery: Livestock -- Feed inventory aid to management (pdf)
-- Disaster Recovery: Agricultural Engineering-- Temporary silage storage systems (pdf)
-- Disaster Recovery: Livestock -- Tips for making quality silage (pdf)
Resources from Other States:
University of Illinois
-- How Will Weather Affect This Year's Crop Yields?
-- Has Your Corn Pollinated?
-- Fact Sheets Offer Tips for Dealing with the Drought
Crops (corn, soybean and forages):
-- Crop Production
-- Drought-stressed Corn
-- Handling Drought-Stressed Corn
-- Determining the Value of Drought-Stressed Corn
Livestock Management:
-- Coping with Drought Information Page: Animal Management & Feed
-- Livestock Production
Lawn and Garden:
-- Coping with Drought Information Page
Alternative Crops:
-- Alternative Crops During a Drought
Family and Farm Management:
-- Tax Issues After a Drought
-- Coping with Drought Information Page: Families, Stress & Financial

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