Extension’s IMPACT on Agriculture

Agriculture & Natural Resources 2015 by the Numbers
Iowa State University Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension and Outreach is creating a #StrongIowa and making a postivie impact. In 2015, ANR staff went above and beyond to make Iowa a better place. Read more about our imapct and find out what ANR looks like by the numbers!

Extension Demonstration Site Supplies Long-Term Data Protecting Water Quality
A farm just outside of Gilmore City is home to Iowa State University Extension and Outreach's Agriculture Drainage Research and Demonstration Site, a facility that has been working to further Iowa State University's water conservation efforts for over 25 years.

Youth Learn How Water Rocks Their World
An awareness campaign is moving across Iowa. It’s a campaign with lessons about tap water, birds and butterflies, crops and soils, dogs and frogs, and how they all connect with the water resources of every-day living. Water Rocks! is a youth water education campaign delivered by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. The campaign is an interplay of knowledge, caring and engagement.

Field Agronomists Help Iowa Farmers
Each growing season farmers face unforeseen challenges. Extreme weather, unanticipated pests, unknown soil conditions - all these factors can interfere with producing an exceptional crop. Farmers call field agronomists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach asking for help to sort out crop issues and find ways to lessen their detrimental effect on yields.
Farmers find value in troubleshooting by extension specialists


Dairy Producers Adopt Practices that Turn Profit
One way dairy producers counter the price-cost squeeze is to adopt dairy production practices that increase the efficiency of their operations. Those efficiencies can translate into increased profits.

Julie Van Waardhuizen is fully engaged in farming with her husband as livestock producers in Mahaska County. What she's learned from Annie's Project has helped her become a better farm business partner.
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