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The wordmarks below have been developed for use with publishing software, such as Microsoft Publisher. Letterhead templates (Word) and presentation templates (PowerPoint) also are available. If you want to use the wordmark in special applications (e.g., large version for a display, process-color version for printing, etc.) or have questions, contact

If you have trouble downloading the files contact extension's computer hotline at (515) 294-1725. If you have trouble printing the wordmarks contact

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ISU nameplates are available for download in two formats, encapsulated Postscript (EPS) and tagged image file format (TIFF).

EPS files are vector graphics created in Adobe Illustrator and saved with a tiff preview so they will display properly when used in a word processing software such as MS Word or a pagination software such as PageMaker or InDesign. Because of the tiff preview, the Nameplate will display with a white box behind it if placed over a screened background in these programs, but will print on a Postscript laser printer without the white box. Unlike bitmap graphics, vector graphics can be enlarged and still retain a smooth resolution on your laser prints.

Note: When downloading an EPS file you may get a file with a .ps extension. You will then need to change its extension to .eps.

TIFF files are best for use with HP PCL (non-Postscript) laser printers but also work well on Postscript printers if they are not enlarged. They will look jagged if enlarged too much. Also, they will print with a white background. We recommend that you use the EPS Nameplates if possible.

*Note: Use the .jpg link next to the image to download jpg formats - NOT the example image on this page.

Email Signature Email Signature
two lines

Color, two lines

White on red,
two lines
Reversed on red
one line
Black Wordmark EO one line
one line with tagline
ISU EO Wordmark black
Color, one line
ISU EO Wordmakr Color
4-H red bar
4-H b/w with green clover
White on red,
one line
ISU EO Wordmark Reversed on Red
White on red,
one line, full bar
ISU EO Redbar
White on red,
one line, no tagline
White on red,
one line, tagline
ISU EO Wordmark Reversed on Red
White on red,
one line, full bar, tagline
ISU EO Redbar tagline
Master Gardener logo Master Gardener Logo
Bottom curved bar, no tagline, landscape Curved bottom no tagline, landscape
Bottom curved bar, tagline, landscape Curved bottom tagline, landscape
Bottom curved,no tagline, portrait Curved bottom no tagline, portrait
Bottom curved tagline, portrait Curved bottom tagline, portrait
Bottom curved, no tagline, tri-fold Curved bottom no tagline, tri-fold
Bottom curved, tagline, tri-fold Curved bottom tagline, tri-fold