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Stationery Templates

These stationery templates are available for download for Windows-based computers (MS Word 7.0 or later). The templates may be customized for your office and include letterhead, news release and fax.

NOTE: The templates require the ISU visual identity fonts (Univers and Berkeley) and a Postscript printer to work properly. (The font package is available on CD from the University Bookstore as part of the ISU Visual Identity Program manual.)

The templates require PostScript-ready printers, printers with PostScript cartridges, and PCL (Printer Control Language) printers. The templates should not be used with dot matrix, ink-jet printers or non-PostScript laser printers.

Download the templates

University Letterhead
BW | Color


The templates have been designed so that you may personalize them with your name, address and so on. They have been created as templates so you may "Save As" under a new name without changing the template itself. These instructions assume basic familiarity with MS Word.

Envelopes can be ordered here.

If you are experiencing problems...

The Computer Unit has had reports of some staff problems with the stationery templates.

If you have any questions, contact the hotline at (515) 294-1725.