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Guidelines and Principles

Refer to the matrix below as a guide. Examples showing wordmark position on sample pieces are shown in the printed manual (EDC 146) available from the Extension Distribution Center.

Item University Extension Wordmark
with no themeline
University Extension Wordmark
with themeline

Stationery Items:
Letterhead, envelopes, business cards, mailing labels

All pieces use this wordmark.
Do not use themeline.
Permanent Items:
Signage, table covers, engraved name tags
All pieces use this wordmark.
Do not use themeline.
Self-mailing Items:
brochures or newsletters
All pieces use this wordmark.
Do not use themeline.

Marketing Items:
Brochures, newsletters, cups, balloons, mouse pads, book bags, booklets, promotional items, etc.

All pieces use this wordmark.
Reference Items:
Publications, educational mailers
All pieces use this wordmark.

What if my document is printing in colors other than PMS 186, PMS 449, or black?

In this case the wordmark may be printed in a color that is used in the document.

When should I use the themeline?

Use the themeline on all marketing materials. It should be used on brochures, booklets, pocket folders, newsletters, etc. It is not to be used on stationery system items (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, mailing labels), or permanent items such as signage, engraved name tags or table covers.

When do I use "Ames Iowa" with the wordmark?

Never use "Ames Iowa" with the wordmark.

When do I use the centered version of the wordmark?

Use the centered version only when necessary, as on notecards.

Should we discard the old materials that contain the old wordmark and themeline?


Which wordmark do I use on fax sheets?

Use the Fax Sheet Template that is available for download.

Should I use the themeline on a document that is only one page long?

Yes. Anchor one-page documents with wordmark and themeline whenever possible.

What if the piece is more than one page long?

You should use the wordmark twice. Once on the front, with no themeline, and once on the back, with the themeline whenever possible.

Can I use the themeline without the wordmark?

Yes, as typeset text. The graphics version must be accompanied by the wordmark.

Can the themeline language be used as a headline or subhead without the wordmark?

Yes, but the graphic version of the themeline should never be used without the wordmark.

Do I need to have the Berkeley and Univers fonts to use the themeline?

No. Because the wordmark is a graphic element, it is not necessary to have the fonts. The Berkeley and Univers fonts are to be used for typesetting text. Field offices should have the fonts. Many campus offices do also. If you are unsure whether your office has the fonts, contact ISU Extension's Computer Unit. If you do not have the fonts, contact ISU's University Bookstore at (515) 294-5684 for information on getting them. The fonts have not changed with the new graphics--only the wordmark.


Contact ISU Extension Creative Services at (515) 294-9915.

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