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E-mail Signature

Your e-mail signature should identify who you are and who you work for. It’s also an opportunity to link your work with the work of all Extension employees across the state and fits in with our Extension branding efforts. 


Below is the recommended format for e-mail signatures.

Name |  Department
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach




To set up your signature:

  • Select the text and images in the signature above, right click and copy. You can also find the image on the wordmark page.
  • In Microsoft Outlook, open a new email message.
  • Click on the "Signatures" button.
  • Select “Signatures” from the drop-down and then the specific signature to edit or create new.  
  • Paste the copied information and customize to reflect your contact info.
  • Select newly created/updated signature as default for new messages and replies/forwards.
  • Click OK. New signature should appear when you open a new message.

Other recommendations:

  • If updating without copying/pasting, the recommended fonts are as follows:
    Address block: Arial Narrow, 10 pt., black
    County name: Arial Black, 10 pt., create custom color using RGB 89/88/43
  • Be sure to add ‘and Outreach’ to Iowa State University Extension in address block
  • Wordmark should appear below the address block, as identified above. County staff can localize, specialists covering multiple counties should not.