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The Organizational Advancement Unit provides tools, training and support to increase visibility and generate support for Iowa State University and ISU Extension and Outreach. Check out the resources we have available and let us know what else you'd like to see.

Find out how your Organizational Advancement "coach" can help make your advancement efforts more efficient and effective!

New from Advancement

2013 Organizational Advancement Highlights

Your Advancement team provides a wide array of tools, training and support to help you increase visibility and generate support for ISU Extension and Outreach. Here are some highlights from the past year.

  • 59 counties increased their marketing budgets.
  • 60 new resources were added to the Advancement Playbook.
  • Over 90 Advancement trainings and orientations were held across the state.
  • The number of counties with marketing plans in place increased by 125 percent.


New Resources

Making a Difference Envelope Banner

 MS Word file

Order 8" x 2" labels here











Making a Difference Poster

8.5" x 11" Spanish version 




Box labels

Red background

White background

Labels are two-up on a sheet with each label being 8" x 5". Labels can be purchased here.



Door Sticker/Decal Available - Preorders due by June 12

Sticker dimensions are 22 x 6 inches and are made of car-wrap material and are durable and weather proof. Cost per sticker is $10. Order through your Advancement specialist; deadline is Thursday, June 12.

Stickers should be available by the end of June. You will receive an e-mail when they are available for purchase at the Extension Online StoreBy preordering, we can take advantage of quantity discounts offered on purchases.


Save the Date Electronic Postcard

Use the publisher file to create your message, then save it is as a jpeg to post into your email.

See the Templates page for other recently added/updated red bar and Making a Difference templates.




Tools and Tips  

Dates to Remember 
  • March 22-28, 2015 -- Extension and Outreach Week


100th Anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act

The 100th anniversary of the signing of the Smith-Lever Act, which officially created the national Cooperative Extension Service, was recognized May 8. You can make celebrating the Smith-Lever Act part of your upcoming meetings or other events throughout 2014. Resources are available here.




Advancement Quick Tip:
Don't Undervalue Web and Social Media Presence

According to Social Networking site, web and social media sites are now a top news source - only one percent behind traditional print media. Websites and social media are now as accessible as the phone in your hand. ISU Extension and Outreach is working to ensure our research-based information and learning opportunities are just as easily accessible to the people we serve. Here are our latest statewide virtual media numbers:

  • Facebook total users: 44% increase since Jan. 2013
  • Twitter followers: 54% increase since Jan. 2013
  • YouTube video views: 46% increase in 2013 from 2012
  • Web content management: 54% increase in sessions
  • 90% increase in new/return users over 2012
  • Over 400 news stories posted and shared
  • 24,000 downloads of State Fair food app

Want to learn more about your county webpage numbers? Go to http;//


Marketing Items Available for Check Out

Interested in using one of these resources? Contact your Advancement Specialist for information on scheduling, transportation and cost. Images and details

  • Cy 
  • County 100-year anniversary banner (vertical with stand)
  • People Advancing People banner (vertical with stand)
  • ISU Extension and Outreach banner (horizontal with grommets)
  • ISU Extension and Outreach teardrop flag (vertical with stand)


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