Money Talk

At some point in many women’s lives, they will have to make major financial decisions. Money Talk, an online class offered through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, gives women the knowledge to make those decisions and improve their lives.


Money Talk helps women become better informed money managers and take charge of their financial future,” said Mary Beth Kaufman, ISU Extension specialist.

The five-week online course begins April 16 and covers financial basics, insurance, retirement planning, investing and planning for life events.  The course costs $75 and includes a 200-page workbook.

Participants will learn financial terminology and money management skills to become a more informed consumer. They will also interact with the instructor and other women in the course. Exercises and worksheets allow you to personalize the information as you learn such as calculating your own net worth.

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“Women often have unique financial needs. On average, we earn less and live longer than men, so our money has to last longer. We may have gaps in our employment history due to raising children or caring for other family members. Getting married or divorced or dealing with the death of a spouse also affect our financial security,” Mary Beth said. “The ultimate goal of Money Talk is to increase the knowledge of Iowa women to make wise financial decisions and to empower them to work with other family members to increase the well-being of their families.”

Contact: Mary Beth Kaufman, Family Finance Program Specialist, ISU Extension and Outreach;; phone: 712-755-3104

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