CYTENNIAL - Cy Celebrates 100 Years!

In 1912, Professor S.W. Beyer called out to alumni, encouraging them to return to Ames for the Iowa State College-University of Iowa football game for Iowa State's first "homecoming" celebration. Over the past 100 years Homecoming has become a cherished ISU tradition -- a time of reunion and celebration. On Oct. 22-27, we're excited to celebrate Cytennial - the 100th anniversary of homecoming at Iowa State.

ISU Extension & Outreach, Adair County, will be joining in the celebration on a local level and would like to invite the public to attend.

The Adair County office will be hosting an Appreciation Event on Friday, October 26, from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Stop in with friends and family to enjoy some light refreshments, along with special activities for kids.

As part of the Homecoming celebration and ISU Extension’s commitment to serve, we will be a drop-off site for personal hygiene items during the appreciation event on October 26. The donated items will go towards the local Presbyterian church’s pantry. Items like laundry soap, shower supplies, toothpaste, diapers, tissues and paper products, and first aid supplies can be taken. A complete list of acceptable supplies can be found online at :


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