Please select one of the links below to find important information about the ADAIR COUNTY FAIR. You will find forms, event information, 4-H project requirement information, rules and regulations for exhibitors and a current schedule of events. If you are unable to locate the information you are seeking, please don't hesitate to contact the Adair County Extension Office at 641-743-8412.
Location:  ADAIR COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS, 900 NE Elm Street, Greenfield, IA
All 2016 County Fair information is being updated daily. If you are not finding the information you are needing at this time, please contact Adair County Extension at 641-743-8412. We appreciate your patience during this process.

All Things Adair County Fair

4-H & FFA Fair Info...

   4-H & FFA ADAIR COUNTY FAIR - Book Sections - Schedule of Events
   4-H & FFA ADAIR COUNTY FAIR - Entry Forms
   4-H & FFA ADAIR COUNTY FAIR - Judging Schedules
             - 4-H & FFA Center Judging 
             - Bucket & Bottle Calf Judging 
             - Clothing Event Judging
             - Educational Presentations & Extemporaneous Speaking Events Judging
             - Crops Event Judging
             - Share the Fun Judging
             - On-Site Garden Judging 
             - Pride Of Iowa Event Judging
             - Working Exhibit Judging

   4-H & FFA ADAIR COUNTY FAIR - Volunteers Schedules
          - 4-H Pop Stand Volunteers Schedule
            - Exhibit Building Volunteers Schedule
            - Fairgrounds Clean Up Volunteers Schedule
   4-H & FFA Animal ID Requirements
   4-H & FFA Bovine Project
   4-H & FFA Communications Project
  4-H & FFA Crop Judging
   4-H & FFA Cupcake & Cookie Decorating Challenge
   4-H & FFA Dog Project
   4-H & FFA Horse Project
   4-H & FFA Horticulture Project
   4-H & FFA On-Site Garden (New this Year!)   Rules   Information Sheet    Entry Form
   4-H & FFA Poultry Project
   4-H & FFA Sheep & Lamb Project

4-H Fair Project Info...

   4-H Awards & Recognition
   4-H Bucket of Junk Project
   4-H Clothing Project
   4-H Educational Presentations & Extemporaneous Speaking Projects
   4-H Food Project
   4-H Photography Project
   4-H Pop Stand - Volunteer Schedule
   4-H Record Keeping
   4-H Senior Recognition Form
   4-H Share The Fun Project
   4-H Silent Auction Event
   4-H Static Exhibits
   4-H T-Shirt Order Form
   4-H Trophy Donations & State Fair Contributors
   4-H Working Exhibits


          - Adair County Fair Queen Contest   Registration Form     Possible Questions      Contest Rules
          - Adair County Fair King Contest   Registration Form     Contest Rules
          - Project Exhibit List
          - Schedule of Events
          - Schedule of Judging for 4-H & FFA Building         
          - Various Forms
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