Please select one of the links below to find important information about the ADAIR COUNTY FAIR. You will find forms, event information, 4-H project requirement information, rules and regulations for exhibitors and a current schedule of events. If you are unable to locate the information you are seeking, please don't hesitate to contact the Adair County Extension Office at 641-743-8412.
Location:  ADAIR COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS, 900 NE Elm Street, Greenfield, IA

All Things Adair County Fair

4-H & FFA Fair Info...

   4-H & FFA ADAIR COUNTY FAIR - Book Sections - Schedule of Events
   4-H & FFA ADAIR COUNTY FAIR - Entry Forms
   4-H & FFA ADAIR COUNTY FAIR - Judging Schedules (all judging schedules coming soon)
             - 4-H & FFA Center Judging
             - Bucket & Bottle Calf Judging
             - Clothing Event Judging
             - Educational Presentations & Extemporaneous Speaking Events Judging
             - Crops Event Judging
             - Share the Fun Judging
             - Pride Of Iowa Event Judging 
             - Working Exhibit Judging 
    4-H & FFA ADAIR COUNTY FAIR - Volunteers Schedules
          - 4-H Pop Stand Volunteers Schedule
            - Exhibit Building Volunteers Schedule
            - Fairgrounds Clean Up Volunteers Schedule
   4-H & FFA Animal ID Forms
   4-H & FFA Animal ID Requirements
   4-H & FFA Bovine Project
   4-H & FFA Communications Project
   4-H & FFA Cupcake Decorating Challenge

4-H Fair Project Info...

   4-H Awards & Recognition
   4-H Clothing Project
   4-H Crop Judging
   4-H Dog Project
   4-H Educational Presentations & Extemporaneous Speaking Projects
   4-H Food Project
   4-H Horse Project
   4-H Horticulture Project
   4-H Photography Project
   4-H Pop Stand - Volunteer Schedule
   4-H Poultry Project
   4-H Record Keeping
   4-H Senior Recognition Form
   4-H Share The Fun Project
   4-H Sheep & Lamb Project
   4-H Silent Auction Event
   4-H State Fair Entry Sponsorships
   4-H Static Exhibits
   4-H T-Shirt Order Form
   4-H Trophy Donations
   4-H Working Exhibits


          - Adair County Fair "Compliments & Considerations" Survey Form    pdf     word
          - Adair County Fair Queen Contest = Registration Form .... Possible Questions ... Contest Rules
          - Project Exhibit List
          - Schedule of Events
          - Schedule of Judging for 4-H & FFA Building         
          - Various Forms
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