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Acreage Living

A monthly newsletter for rural residents highlighting timely topics on country living. Iowa State University Extension

August 2009 issue:

Keeping a Roof Overhead
houseKeeping a roof overhead is an important concern when your income drops. If you rank your bills in order of priority, chances are housing is at or near the top of the list. When you are under the financial stress of reduced or lost income, one of the biggest expenses is housing. Housing expenses include mortgage or rent payments, insurance, taxes, household maintenance and repair, utility bills, furnishings and cleaning supplies. When income drops, careful planning can help you avoid the loss of your house. Read on.

Handling Large Round Bales
hay balesLarge round bales accent Iowa’s landscape and add a unique hazard to those harvesting and transporting forage. Large round bales are bulky as well as heavy, weighing typically 1,500 to 2,000 pounds. Bales are compact and dense, and usually reach a diameter of five to six feet. They are designed to repel rain and prevent spoilage; however, they also easily roll down hills or off equipment causing serious injuries or sometimes death. Read on.


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