Great Conference!

Take the Online survey as a followup to the conference.

Recordings of keynote speakers and selected breakout presentations are now online.

The Breakout Sessions page has presentation materials for many of the sessions.

Check out acenetc2009 on NetVibes!

View all 4 promotional videos here

People at Xtension is a great place to find Extension colleagues, and to form communities of peers.

NETC 2010Netc 2010 logo

NETC 2010
Auburn, Alabama
May 23 -26, 2010
Ya'll are invited!
( Y'all are too )

ACE Annual Meeting

Ace Annual Meeting
St. Louis, Missouri
June 14-17, 2010

Thank You...

. . .for attending the ACE-NETC 2009 Conference. We're glad you could come to Iowa and take part in a great program in professional development, June 6-9.

The conference was a wonderful collaboration involving many from around the country. Despite challenging times, ACE-NETC 2009 had a turnout of 330 people.

Special thanks to:

  • ACE NETC Program Committee, chaired by Suzanne Steel, Ohio State University
  • ACE NETC Host State Committee, co-chaired by Floyd Davenport and Brian Meyer, Iowa State University, and emeritus co-chair Elaine Edwards of Kansas State University
  • The great job accomplished by subcommittees with both programming and hosting
  • A special thanks to the IT team from Iowa State University Extension that kept everyone connected and running smoothly, morning, noon and night
  • Julie Kieffer, our conference planner, her assistant Emily Northey and the whole team with Iowa State University Extension Conference Planning and Management
  • Des Moines Marriott Hotel staff, who were great to work with, very accommodating ...and THIS close to putting on monkey masks during some of our special events.

We ended the conference on June 9 the best way we knew how.
The Conference: The End (final video)

The Daniel Webster quote, “When Tillage Begins, Other Arts Follow,” was true 200 years ago and it’s true now!

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