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Iowa State University Extension

January 2014 -- From Cathann Kress

Cathann Kress

We recently published our Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 2013 annual report. It includes a video message along with infographics of program impacts and financial information for FY13. (I’ve included a sample, below. For a closer look, please visit the annual report website.)  

Extension and Outreach puts the university’s research and resources to work throughout the state. Each year nearly 1 million people directly benefit from our educational programs. We’re focused on feeding people, keeping them healthy, helping their communities to prosper and thrive, and turning the world over to the next generation in better shape than we found it.

President Leath wants Iowa State to become the university that best serves its state. That’s the whole point of a land-grant university. Extension and Outreach is making a difference for Iowans. I encourage you to review our annual report and learn more about our efforts to provide access to education throughout Iowa. Thank you for your support.

-- Cathann

sample infographic