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Iowa State University Extension

Extension’s bottom line: Healthy people, environments and economies

Healthy people, environments, economies

In 2008 ISU Extension educated 82,000 Iowans on ways to improve their nutrition and health, equipped 5,000 teachers with lesson plans to educate 200,000 youth about the environment, provided 486,000 individuals with noncredit continuing education and professional development -- and that’s not all. Our report -- ISU Extension 2008: Healthy People, Healthy Environments & Healthy Economies -- provides an executive summary of our programs, progress and a few of our current initiatives that have emerged from listening to the concerns of Iowans across the state.

In these trying economic times, improving the quality of life in Iowa continues to be at the heart of ISU Extension’s work: collaborating with communities to reduce poverty; helping farmers and consumers enhance energy efficiency; educating Iowans about food, feed and fuel issues; and helping companies develop strategies to improve their bottom line.

ISU Extension also
• helped 12,000 Iowans build leadership and management skills to make their communities better places to live,
• counseled 40,000 Iowans on dealing with stress, finances and legal issues, and
• kept jobs in Iowa. Company executives stated that 2,226 jobs were added or retained as a result of the technical assistance and education they received from ISU Extension’s Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) and partners.

For more information, see the ISU Extension 2008 report.

This article appeared in February 2009 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter