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It’s a farmers’ market online: Iowa MarketMaker

farmers' market

Can’t make it to the farmers’ market, but want to purchase locally grown produce for your family, restaurant or store? Then try the Iowa MarketMaker Web site. Iowa State University Extension is a partner in this interactive mapping system that links producers and consumers of Iowa agricultural products. Ray Hansen, director of ISU Extension Value Added Agriculture, calls it “a wonderful tool for Iowa producers.” That’s why ISU Extension secured funds for implementing an Iowa MarketMaker site and simultaneously began assisting University of Illinois Extension to promote MarketMaker nationally.

An increasing number of Iowa farmers, producers, wholesalers, restaurants, processors and farmers’ markets are posting their information on Iowa MarketMaker. In Jefferson County, ISU Extension is working with Pathfinders Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) and Fairfield Buy Fresh, Buy Local to get producer and retailer information posted, and to provide education supporting locally produced food.

Detra Dettmann, Pathfinders RC&D coordinator, said, “Iowa MarketMaker has the potential to really benefit the locally raised food market by connecting growers to growers and growers to buyers.”

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This article appeared in August 2007 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter