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Iowa State University Extension

Iowa State eases consumer fears about egg safety with research-based information


When Wright County Egg Company, in Galt, Iowa, issued an egg recall in August, consumers were concerned. As the recall expanded with more egg brands potentially being contaminated with salmonella, Iowa consumers worried whether any eggs were safe to eat.

To ease those fears, ISU Extension and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences made available research-based egg and food safety resources on one convenient website. Extension’s Answer Line answered consumer questions. In addition, Catherine Strohbehn, an ISU Extension specialist in hotel, restaurant, and institution management, prepared a consumer fact sheet explaining which eggs were affected, the dangers of salmonella, and safe egg selection, storage, handling and cooking. Extension Veterinarian Darrell Trampel and Hongwei Xin, director of Iowa State’s Egg Industry Center, fielded media calls. As a result, consumers in Iowa, as well as beyond the state’s borders, quickly received the information they needed.

This article appeared in October 2010 -- From Jerry Miller Newsletter