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Community leaders take a look at Program Builder for economic development

Program Builder

Key community leaders will be meeting with ISU Extension staff in every county over the next few months to take a closer look at Program Builder, an ISU Extension Web site that connects Iowans with community and economic development resources. They’ll get a better idea of how to make the most of this resource that offers access to services for leadership, landscape revitalization, community visualizing, downtown restoration, parks, transportation, local government, geographic information systems, nonprofit agencies and management.

The sessions have a two-fold purpose, said Susan Erickson, a program coordinator with ISU Extension Community and Economic Development. First, the sessions demonstrate the Program Builder tools, and second, the sessions bring together local community and economic development leaders.

Mahaska County Agricultural and Rural Development Director Miranda Johnson knew the participants in her county’s Program Builder session. “They are all strong leaders within our county,” she said.

“I work with towns in Mahaska County in attracting new businesses to come to our area, as well as write grants for various organizations. Just knowing what is out there from ISU will be helpful for a variety of projects. Putting all of the programs together on one Web site will save me a lot of time,” Johnson said.

For more information about Program Builder, contact Erickson,

This article appeared in February 2008 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter