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Iowa State University Extension

4-H volunteer training is online and on DVD

Cy says volunteer for 4-H

Volunteering for 4-H just got easier. Training is now available online or by DVD for those volunteers whose schedules keep them from attending ISU Extension’s face-to-face trainings in their county. A volunteer who completed the online version said, “The online training works better for me than going to a meeting, since I can do it when it’s convenient instead of trying to re-arrange my schedule to fit it in.”

According to Chuck Morris, director for ISU Extension 4-H Youth Development, “Great training leads to great 4-H clubs. Training keeps leaders up-to-date on the latest resources, techniques and opportunities, and it allows more experienced leaders to share their expertise with newer leaders. We also want our volunteer training to be consistent across the state so all 4-H members have the same access to well trained volunteers.”

This expanded volunteer training has been funded by grants from the Iowa 4-H Foundation’s President’s Campaign in partnership with Pioneer Hybrid and National 4-H Council in partnership with Monsanto. To learn more about the training and 4-H volunteer opportunities, contact an ISU Extension county office.

This article appeared in January 2008 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter