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Teens endorse new Iowa 4-H Web site

Iowa 4-H

Tech-savvy teens say Iowa 4-H’s new Web site is “better than Facebook.” According to Shelly Greving, marketing coordinator for the Iowa 4-H Foundation, “That was the quote from our State 4-H Technology Team when they ‘test-drove’ the new site. That’s a pretty good endorsement.” The new site went live in mid-November.

Find a Club uses interactive Google Maps to help kids find 4-H contact information within their county. This feature will be expanded over the next few months to include links to all Iowa 4-H clubs.

Project Pages include links, exhibit ideas and community service ideas for each 4-H project area.
Teen Network is a site specifically for 4-H teens (ages 13-18) to connect, network, share photos and videos and talk about their 4-H experiences. It’s a community with content generated by 4-H youth for 4-H youth. Teens must be 4-H members to participate in this social network.
The new 4-H site also includes games, event calendars, an expanded search feature and information for parents, teachers and 4-H volunteers, Greving added.

This article appeared in December 2009 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter