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Iowa State University Extension

Staying for the Long Haul

Dana Sleezer and Joel DeJong

ISU Extension and Outreach stays for the long haul, partnering and providing resources, research and education to assist Iowans. For example, farmer Dana Sleezer says ISU Extension and Outreach will continue to be part of his family’s farming operation as they use university research to make educated decisions.

ISU Extension and Outreach has been providing continuing education and professional development to Iowa’s municipal clerks, secretaries and other local officials since 1975. Debra Hartman shares how the training helps her every day as Sheffield city clerk.

When severe weather two days before the Benton County fair resulted in extensive property and crop damage, ISU Extension and Outreach took action, dealing with immediate clean-up, as well as bringing together farmers to discuss the crop and livestock situation and emergency programs available. ISU Extension and Outreach remains involved in cleaning up storm damage, solving grain storage issues and dealing with concerns as they arise. Watch the videos about these efforts.

This article appeared in January 2012 -- From Cathann Kress Newsletter