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Iowa State University Extension

Acreage Living newsletter helps manage rural non-farm life

person mowing a lawn

Think you might want to grow grapes on your acreage? Are you concerned about pesticides used near your home? And just how important is regular lawnmower maintenance? One way to keep up with these kinds of issues is to subscribe to ISU Extension’s Acreage Living newsletter. The online newsletter provides timely research-based information for the new rural Iowa that encompasses both farm and nonfarm populations.

One third of Iowa’s residents are considered rural nonfarm and live in either the country or in communities of less than 2,500, said Shawn Shouse, ISU Extension field ag engineer and Acreage Living managing editor.

“Acreage Living will help you manage your country home and property and enhance your rural living experience,” Shouse said. “Rural residents face some unique issues, and we want to provide you answers and information from ISU Extension and other land-grant universities across the nation.”

Each month the newsletter features a variety of topics related to home maintenance, water and wastewater, safety and emergency preparedness, grounds management, natural resources, machinery, business enterprises, animals, public affairs and family life.

Iowa State faculty and staff and other authors provide basic information and connections to further resources or expert assistance. The online newsletter is available at no charge. To be notified by email when the latest issue is posted, please send an email message to Shouse at requesting email notification.

This article appeared in July 2008 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter