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Clerks and more: Institute reaches many municipal professionals

Iowa Municipal Professionals Institute and Academy

What’s in a name? Plenty, when you’re dealing with laws, communications, finances and technology affecting Iowa municipal government. That’s why after 33 years the Iowa Municipal Clerks Institute is now the Iowa Municipal Professionals Institute (MPI).

“This institute continues to provide educational courses needed to qualify for certification by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks,” said Paul Coates, director of ISU Extension’s Office of State and Local Government Programs. “However, now our classes also provide credit hours toward the new Iowa Certification for Municipal Professionals program sponsored by the Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association.” 

The term “municipal professionals” includes clerks, finance officers and administrative officers. As municipal government becomes more complex, these frontline workers may be dealing with everything from financial management and budgeting to ethics, personnel and administrative law.

These programs ensure a continuous educational commitment to establish and maintain competent administration for city government in Iowa, Coates said.

This summer approximately 132 municipal officials attended courses at the Municipal Professionals Institute over a two-week period. In addition, 143 attended the three-day Municipal Professionals Academy, which offered advanced topics.

“Academy participants increase their knowledge and skills to better serve the citizens of their communities, and they get credit toward maintaining their professional certifications,” Coates said.

ISU Extension State and Local Government Programs reach public officials in all 99 Iowa counties and in a majority of the state’s 950 incorporated cities every year. For more information, contact Coates,

This article appeared in September 2008 -- From Jack Payne Newsletter