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Company achieves success with testing, finite element analysis

Hadar Athletic

Hadar Athletic manufactures a wide range of athletic equipment, from football practice dummies to gymnastics and wrestling mats. When a junior blocking sled wasn’t performing to the company’s expectations, the company called CIRAS. They thought changing their manufacturing process would solve the problem, Joe Hadar said, “but we wanted to be 100 percent certain, and that required testing we didn’t have the in-house resources to do.”

CIRAS coordinated the testing and the results led the company to change its process, which Hadar estimates has helped the company increase and retain sales by $200,000. CIRAS also is assisting the company with finite element analysis, which predicts responses of structures and materials to environmental factors such as force, heat and vibration. See the full story in CIRAS News.

This article appeared in December 2012 -- From Cathann Kress Newsletter