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ISU Extension-Science, Engineering & Technology
Extension to Youth & 4-H

Kids and Teens/4-H - Science, Mechanics and Engineering

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Science, Mechanics and Engineering Information

Find out about NASA Education for elementary and secondary students and learn about the Iowa Space Grant Consortium

Find Other Cool Stuff 

- what diapers have to do with water conservation
-  how Iowa State's  solar car performed this year 
-  Cool weather stuff
-  the Ada Hayden Herbarium
- the most powerful particle collider on the planet
- how to  restore a vintage tractor
the stars (through NOVA programs)
- the Iowa Space Grant Consortium and NASA's Missions to Mars
- the world of transportation and flying cars

Meet New People

Meet the Tech Team
The Iowa Youth Technology Team (Tech Team) uses computer technology to connect with their communities. 

Find Career Information
See More Resources at the right. 
Learn about
   - projects current students have done in engineering
   - the Department of Music's developing major in music technology
   - the College of Human Sciences (see Careers) 
   - the Iowa State adventure with this online guide
   - what it takes to become a meteorologist