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Home Improvement Information

Have Fun and Practice Safety with Holiday Decorations 

Join 4-H'ers in Thinking Green

Know How
Green Building Affects Energy Use
  - Find energy-efficient building examples, concepts and history.
  - See green building definition and how to create an eco-home.
  - Find the U.S. Green Building Council and Environmental Protection Agency
  - View 2007 EVHA (Energy Value Housing Award) winners.
  - Learn about cement and other construction types in green building.
  - Meet the Iowa State University Emerging Green Builders.
  - See facilities for building energy research at Iowa State.
  - Find out more about the Green Design Research Collaborative at ISU.
  - Read about the green renovation of Iowa State's Morrill Hall.
  - Learn how color can reduce energy consumption.

Choose Energy Efficient Lighting for your room 
Cut costs and greenhouse gases with compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and other lighting options.

Create Home Furnishings and Accessories 
  - Learn woodworking, make coat racks, bug barns and a young artist's easel.

Explore the Elements and Principles of Design
- Use the color wheel and color basics in your designs.
   - Make your own barn quilt.