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Eat to Compete
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Kids and Teens/4-H - Food and Nutrition

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Food and Nutrition Information

Find Iowa Grown Products
- Enjoy Iowa grown apples, pumpkins, and more.

You Make the Food Choices for Health
- Find health and nutrition information for making food choices.
- Get involved in health-promoting activities in your community.
- Look here for games and activities.
- Check out our store for publications to buy or download.
- Eat your breakfast; even last night's pizza is better than no breakfast.

Get Tips and Recipes on Food for Fitness and Fun

Food Safety Tips (for Fair Exhibits, Emergencies, and Everyday)
Get Food Preparation and Safety Answers at AnswerLine 
Know how to avoid the most common foodborne pathogens 
Find Power Outage Safety Tips

Know Where Your Food Comes From

Know the distance it travels, the energy used to produce, process, transport, market and store it. See:  
    -- Iowa food coalition 
    -- farm to food-service studies and research
    -- Iowa Network for Community Agriculture (INCA), publications
    -- Iowa State's Marketing and Food Systems Initiative

Find Project Ideas for Food, Nutrition and Health

Check out various Web sites offered by 4-H nationally.
Complete your 4-H Recordkeeping Forms.

Taste Me -- How Does Color Affect Taste and More?

Combat Hunger
People go hungry in many Iowa communities every day.
Find careers in food security for the world.