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Lawn Information

A beautiful and healthy lawn adds value to a home while also providing environmental benefits, such as producing oxygen, trapping dust and other pollutants, and reducing surface runoff. Find out more at Yard and Garden Online

Have a new lawn?
Mow newly seeded bluegrass lawns at a height of 2 inches as soon as grass becomes 3 inches tall. Frequent mowing at this height will encourage spreading and promote a thicker lawn. If the new grass is allowed to reach a height of 4 inches or more, set the mower blade as high as possible and promptly mow. Gradually reduce the height of the grass in later mowings.

Want to avoid turfgrass problems?
Many turfgrass problems can be traced back to improper mowing. Height and frequency are especially important for a healthy lawn. Understanding the role of thatch in the home lawn also is important.

Tired of grass?
Consider a groundcover of low-growing plants that spread quickly to form a dense mat or carpet in outdoor landscaped areas.