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Wildlife and Natural Resources Information

Iowa State University Extension Wildlife's mission is to serve and educate people about Iowa's wildlife resources so that Iowans can make informed and intelligent decisions that impact wildlife.

A number of great publications dealing with wildlife are available for downloading. Wildlife and natural resources publications are also available at the ISU Extension Online Store.

ISU Extension Wildlife Programs

Iowa Master Conservationist Program
Master Conservationists are individuals that share an interest in the sustainability of Iowa's natural resources, and in becoming better stewards of Iowa's resources. This program alone will not make a person a "master", but this course is the first step in a journey.  Learn more about how to become one of Iowa's Master Conservationists. 

Iowa Nature Mapping is a program that trains people just like you how to monitor and report the wildlife they observe and the habitats they observe them in. This can include wildlife at a backyard feeder, on a woodland or prairie hike, in a school yard, or at your place of employment... anywhere you observe wildlife. The data you collect is reported to us via this website so that it can be used and viewed by you or anyone else that has an interest in Iowa's wildlife and habitats.