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Landscape shrubs

Trees and Shrubs Information

Trees and shrubs are the main elements in a well-designed landscape. They define spaces, modify environmental influences, and offer seasonal interest. Learn more about how to choose and care for trees and shrubs at Yard and Garden Online.

Looking for color?
Deciduous shrubs make eye-catching accent or specimen plants. They also provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife.  Crabapples offer fragrant spring blossoms. Rhododendrons and azaleas are another choice.

Wondering how to care for your trees?
Trees are one of the most valuable assets in a landscape. Keeping trees maintained as they age may require the services of an arborist for pruning, assessing weather-related damage, or diagnosing tree problems. For a child's eye view of urban tree care, see The Forest Where Ashley Lives.

Want to know more about natives?
Twelve different species of oak are included in the official state tree designation. White pine, eastern red cedar, and walnut are part of a long list of Iowa trees. Gooseberry, prickly ash, elderberry, hawthorns and red-osier dogwood are some of the typical Iowa shrubs.