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Kids and Teens/4-H - K-3/Clover Kids

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K-3/Clover Kids Information

Clover Kids
Where children experience the joy of learning
in a supportive, creative, challenging and fun environment.

Get Creative

  - Find recipes for pumpkins, cranberries, even rutabagas, and enjoy the exercise activities, too.
  - Find out why school buses are yellow
  - Enjoy winter crafts
  - Follow Henry through a comedy of errors as he becomes a Critter Sitter, a new children's book by an Iowa State art professor.   
Check Out these Sources for Science and Space Fun

   - Find fun and games about energy, even energy hogs
   - Look for science and space activity books at our store.
   - Check at your local county extension office for Toys in Space (4H 87) and Scholastic's The Magic School Bus
  - Find great science lessons for K through 12
  - Find great lessons on lots of topics at this PBS site
  - Find lots of activities online at DINOSAURS!, a Scholastic site 

Lots of Information for Parents, Caregivers, and Volunteers

-Thrive by Five. Teach preschoolers about spending and saving.
- Activities for Kids. Visit the Clover Kids Web site.
- See the Kid's page on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration site
- Extension Family Programs. Includes family communication, getting along, strengthening families, and preventing behavior problems.
- Charlotte, North Carolina Public Library. Storytimes to Go!