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In 2009 ISU Extension streamlined the organization to make the best use of available resources and positioned staff to meet the critical needs of Iowans. This restructuring allows Extension to continue to bring university research to the people of Iowa.


News Release on Restructuring Plan

Watch Jack's Message (if it doesn't play, watch it using Windows Media)

Read the narrative of the announcement.

New Regional Map

New Organizational Chart

The 2009 ISU Extension Restructuring Plan

ISU Extension Budget Cut Dollar Amounts

Staffing and Programming

Guiding Principles of Housing Program Specialist

REED Office Locations

Master Gardener Reorganization

Extension Programming and Staffing Webcast

4-H Restructuring Plan (Windows Media file) and supporting documents

Tools for Extension Councils

Pay Matrix for ISU Professional and Scientific Staff.

Access Fee and Partnership Agreement Information for County Councils 

Technology Issues for County Councils

Code of Iowa Section 176.A

2008 Annual Report

MOU document, MOU-CAED16-10.doc, (.doc file)

Letter of Amendment to the MOU (.docx file)