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Universal Design & Home Accessibility 

Universal Design
The Concept of Universal Design. Center for Inclusive Design & Environmental Access, State University of New York at Buffalo
A Home for All Ages Exhibit. Iowa State University
Universal Design, Principles & Guidelines. Trace Center, University of Wisconsin
Universal Design Facility. Kansas State University
Universal Design in Housing Center for Universal Design, North Carolina State University
Universal Design Resources. Adaptive Environments, Boston
Universal Design: Home Modification Devices. AARP
Home Assessment
A Checklist for Environmental Safety and Access. American Foundation for the Blind
Creating Accessible Homes (PDF File). Cooperative Extension Service, Kansas State University
Safety for Older Consumers: Home Safety Checklist. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
A Safe Home is No Accident: A Family Checklist. Easter Seals
Home Modification and Repair
Bathing for Older People with Disabilities. IDEA Center, State University of New York at Buffalo
Bathroom Modifications for Your Changing Needs. American Occupational Therapy Association
The Do-able Renewable Home. AARP
Easy Access Housing. Easter Seals
Enabling Home Environments: Identifying Barriers to Independence. IDEA Center, State University of New York at Buffalo
Enabling Home Environments: Strategies for Aging in Place IDEA Center, State University of New York at Buffalo
The Home Modification Action Project. University of Southern California
Home Modification and Repair. Administration on Aging
Public Policy
Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities. Access Board
Americans with Disabilities Act. U.S. Department of Justice
Bookshelf 9: Fair Housing. HUD
Remodeling Examples
Bertha's Home
Leona's Home
Lake City Home
Lake City Project Photographs
Lake City Project Floorplans

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