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November 2, 2011





It's been another fall with great harvest weather. It's hard to understand where some of these corn yields are coming from with so little summer rain and the excess heat in July. In general corn yields have been surprisingly good, although there are fields with disappointing yields, where the heat, lack of rain, and loss of nitrogen took a toll. Some are reporting the best soybean yields they've ever seen. Some reported yields in the 70s and even 80s in the area that got a good rain in late August. It really makes a difference when there is virtually no disease and no insect problems.


Fall Nitrogen Application


Some have begun to apply anhydrous ammonia. We've had several years now with high nitrogen losses due to the wet spring conditions. Nitrogen losses can be reduced by putting most of the nitrogen on close to the time that the corn requires it. If nitrogen is fall applied, waiting as long as possible, or at least until the soil temperature is below 50F and falling can help to minimize the loss. Soil temperatures are now around 50 or under in most of the state. Soil temperatures can be found at


There are some concerns that the soil is so dry that there may not be enough moisture to hold the anhydrous. Today's rains may calm those fears, although this was not likely a problem. Even when plants have removed all of the moisture they can from the soil, there is still moisture there. A bigger concern is whether the soil is cloddy and so cannot get a good seal, or if it is too wet and doesn't seal allowing the gas to escape as it is being put on. Your nose will know if ammonia is escaping. To see more discussion on this see John Sawyer's article at





The link to most upper Midwest states University Yield Trials are available at the University Crop Testing Alliance (UCTA) at:





Integrated Crop Management Conference – Ames

November 30-December 1


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Ag Chemical Dealer Update

December 9 – Iowa City (Highlander)


Registration Opens 8:15 a.m.

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Crop Advantage Series Conference

January 26 – Iowa City (Highlander)

(Conference has been moved from Kirkwood CC in Cedar Rapids to Iowa City)



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Last Update: November 2, 2011
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