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June 9, 2004


You probably heard on the radio yesterday (Tuesday, June 8) or read in the newspaper that soybean aphids were found at high levels in northern Des Moines County. For what it's worth, I was in each county I cover along and north of I-80 yesterday and found none. Today, I drove from Muscatine to Burlington on Highway 61, then took Highway 34 to Mount Pleasant, Highway 218 to Ainsworth, and Highway 92 back to Highway 61 at Grandview. I inspected about 10 plants in fields along the highways, looking at one field every 5 - 10 miles except in Des Moines County where I looked at a field every 1 - 2 miles. The net result - zero soybean aphids found. Scouting of some plots I have at the Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm near Crawfordsville revealed one aphid.

My take on the situation:

I am convinced that the pest ID in northern Des Moines County was correct. High levels of soybean aphid infestations are not currently predominant. There is no need to panic, but we do need to be scouting soybean fields for soybean aphids. It may be tempting to add an insecticide to the next herbicide application. Be sure that the pest(s) in question (bean leaf beetles and/or soybean aphids) are at treatable levels before you consider this option seriously. If the pests are not present, you may only kill the predators, resulting in there being nothing to stop a later small pest invasion from exploding.

More information will be sent soon. See the news release from Marlin Rice .

Please let me know if you find populations of soybean aphids in the area.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Iowa State University Extension Office.

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Last Update: June 9, 2004
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